1947 ♦Found in Hokkaido(Northern Japan) and Tokyo as X-ray Film/Device and Medical Device Sales Company
1957 ♦10th Anniversary -
1963 ♦Release OXIOID cellulose Acetate Membrane(from UK) -
1964 ♦Release Cellulose Acetate Membrane Electrophoresis apparatus
1965 ♦Release DENSITRON Densimeter Thermometer Model: SP-I -
1967 ♦20th Anniversary -
1968 ♦Found Ikuta R&D dept. -
1973 ♦Release Chloride Meter Model: C-50
♦Release Spectrophotometer Model: MEDIC-300
1975 ♦Release PSP Automated Urine Analyzer -
1977 ♦30th Anniversary
♦Found Tokyo R&D Laboratory
1981 ♦Found JOKOH-SUBRA(France)
♦Release Ion-selective-electrode (ISE) Na, K Analyzer Model: NK-60P
1982 ♦Release Fully Automated Electrophoresis System Model:
CTE-500(right), CTE-300(left)
(100 samples/time)
1984 ♦Release Fully Automated Blood Gas Analyzer Model: JBA-3(Nation-First)
1985 ♦Winning of Minister of Science and Technology Award
♦Release Polyacrylamide Gel Lipoprotein Disc Electrophoresis Mode: Lipophor
1987 ♦40th anniversary
♦Release Ultra Small Fully Automated Electrophoresis System Model: CTE-150
1989 ♦Release High Speed(15 min) Electrophoresis System Model: CTE-5000(200 samples/time) -
1991 ♦Found Kikukawa Factory
1992 ♦Release Fully Automated Electrophoresis System Model: CTE-700,CTE-8000 -
1995 ♦Release Medical Date Management System(MSDS) for Pathology Type S
1996 ♦Release Fully Automated Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate(ESR) Device Model: JOS-15
1997 ♦50th Anniversary
♦Found Taipei branch
2000 ♦Release Ion-Selective-Electrode(ISE) Module
2002 ♦Release ERS Instrument Monitor-12/20/40/100
2003 ♦Release Electrolyte Analyzer(Na,K,Cl) for Dialysate Model: EX-D
2006 ♦New Entry to Pathology Field
♦Release Ultra Rapid Tissue Processor Model: Histra-QS(left)
♦Release Ultra Rapid Al-Round Processing System for Decalcification, Delipidation and Fixation Model: Histra-DC(right)
2007 ♦60th Anniversary
♦New Entry to Nano Field
♦Release Jet Mill Model: JN-10,JN-100(picture),JN-1000
2008 ♦Release Tumor Marker Kit Model: Histra HER2 FISH Kit
2009 ♦Start New Three-Year Project (Dream Project) -
2010 ♦Release New Logo
2011 ♦Release Ultra Rapid Dual Tissue Processor Model: Histra-GT

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