2018 Exbition Updated

We are going to exhibit MEDICA 2018 in Dusseldorf, Germany (Nov. 12th-15th)
Booth is located at Hall 3a Booth D60

We exhibited MEDLAB 2018 in Dubai (February 5 - 8th)
Booth is located at Hall Z2 Booth J19

We exhibited MEDICA 2017 in Dusseldorf, Germany (Nov. 13th-16th)
Booth is located at Hall 3a Booth D60

We exhibiedt POWTECH 2017 in Nuremberg,Germany(Sept 26 - 28)
Booth is located at Hall3, 3-615

We exhibited Medlab 2017 in Dubai(Feb 6 - 9th)
Booth is located at Z6 50

We exhibited Africa Health 2016 in South Africa (June 8 - 10th)
Booth is located at 3H37 (Hall 3)

President and Chief Executive Officer Takehiko Hattori

When we look back at the progress made in medicine over the last 100 years, we can see that many innovations have been developed: X-ray diagnosis that led to today's imaging diagnosis, the discovery of bacteria and viruses that cause infectious disease, discovery of the nature of the immune system, organ transplants, and the discovery and reading of DNA, just to mention a few of the greatest milestones. The remarkable development of molecular biology and computer technology in recent years has made it possible to bring highly advanced medical technology like genetic, diagnosis and treatment, and imaging diagnosis and surgery into the clinical sectors. This has provided epoch-making results. On the other hand, in Japan, we have entered the era of an aging society in Japan, and the traditional national welfare system can no longer meet growing needs. This presents social problems. They say that this specific problem is on the order of once every hundred years.

Countermeasures to solve the problems, as well as serious reform, are now being implemented. These include the introduction of home care insurance, restructuring of the medical care insurance and elderly health care system, and the lowering of drug prices for the insurance systems. Against this history and current situation, I gave a very brief review of the history of Jokoh Co., Ltd. Since being founded in June 1947 to sell X-ray films, Jokoh later developed cellulose acetate membrane electrophoresis systems in 1963, and then developed Japan's first electrode-type electrolytic analyzers and blood gas analyzers. In 1997, we celebrated our 50th anniversary. On that occasion, we reviewed our management philosophy and announced a new management policy. Under this management policy, we looked towards our future 100th anniversary.

Human typically live up to about 80 years or so, while the life of companies are said to only last about 30 years. The fact that Jokoh has continued business in the medical field for 60 years is due to the patronage and support by customers and users to whom we are very grateful. We are proud that our products and services have been useful to in the medical field.

In this evolutionary changing era, we will also change and adapt to the changing medical social environment. We will continue to progress toward the 100th anniversary of the company together with all of our staff who share the same vision, and we will realize our three ideals of contribution, customer satisfaction, and the achievement of individual desire.

I look forward to your continued support in the future.

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